Life is so damp

Here in Miranda we have had a very wet winter and now a very wet spring.

We do have a number of chicks, 8 in total and a chook on a nest with 8 eggs, and another under which we will put what we are hope are 8 fertile eggs tonight.

We have started to fret that processing the possible chickens for our freezer may be a hard job as we both have arthritis in our hands and me in my wrist and shoulder. What we hope is that doing this killing, gutting and plucking will be done when the birds are younger and that just maybe the feather plucking will be easier.

I will report back because if potentially having to pluck 24 chickens is the ruination of my wrists, arms and neck then next year we will only have egg birds and give away the option to grow our own chicken meat.


But of course if we fail to cope with the chicken plucking then we still have great egg layers. These are our new shaver hens.

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