Some farmers don’t know what they are missing

We have a friendly farmer who feeds his lamb shanks to his dog. There is nothing wrong with that except that he has never actually cooked and eaten them himself.

We have invited him to partake and he says he will come for dinner as long as it is not lamb shanks. Life is too short to spend the time and energy on them when the dog loves them.

We continue to cook and eat lamb shanks as often as we can.

lamb shanks etc

This dish was a recipe from Michael Lee-Richards. The book is called “Cook”, and the recipe was more or less “Shank of lamb with red wine and gherkins”.

Mine was nearly this recipe created with capers not gherkins as I had these to be eaten before I needed to chuck them out.

So wine, onions, crushed garlic, lamb shanks, beef stock, paprika, salt and pepper, lemon juice, chopped lemon including skin, spelt flour, yoghurt, finely chopped bacon, capers – all cooked in a slow cooker and it was delicious and no you don’t need a recipe, just go with the flow with what you have and enjoy the slow cooked result.

Silly silly farmer – you missed out on a great meal again.

I served it with steamed courgette and green capsicum from our garden served hot and tossed with a dressing of parsley, orange and lemon juice, olive oil, cinnamon, coriander, white pepper – great and all of the above served with macaroni.

Michael Lee-Richards states that meals made with leftovers can be every bit as good as those laboured over in classical cuisine. I agree.

The capers, red wine, and bacon, where leftovers. All the vegetables, garlic and herbs were from our garden.

Life is good.

what a hot day we have had here in Miranda

and what a silly woman I am. I do not make jam yet today on the hottest day we have experienced here in Miranda – about 29c I had to make jam. That Best Beloved went plum picking on Thursday and bought home a 12 litre bucket of jam plums and another 1/2 bucket of lovely eating plums.

Now just so you know Best Beloved and I don’t really eat jam. Our spread of choice is honey and yes we intend to install a bee hive or 2 further down the track – so why on earth did he bring home plums for jam??

Because he could.

And I hate waste – so jam making on the hottest day yet.

And it doesn’t seem to be setting.

Recipe – 2.7 kilos of plums, 2 kilos of sugar, 1 heaped teaspoon of ginger, 1.25 cups of water.

I will keep you posted on the status of the jam and of course if we give it away or start to love jam and use it.

And what did that Best Beloved do on this very hot day – he used the weed eater on 3 of our slopes and then he started on posts for the trellis for our blackberry and our passionfruit vines.

Maybe these retirees are addled, just maybe.