Maximising the Eel

My Darling & I went fishing the other evening by the mouth of the creek at a local Seabird Coast beach. We sought kahawai or snapper, but instead caught an eel. And I do mean WE caught it. My Darling describes what happened in her post here.

I soaked the eel overnight in a slurry of coarse sea salt and a little water.. Next morning, I tipped it into the kitchen sink…

I cleaned the eel and salted it liberally inside and out, covered it with foil and refrigerated it for a day. Then I rinsed and dried it and placed it back in the fridge overnight on a rack.


Today I smeared it on the inside with soft brown sugar and hot-smoked it in a portable methylated spirits smoker, using Manuka sawdust. It was insanely delicious! My thanks to the excellent Smoke & Umami blog for the preparation method – here it is:

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