The Fuddy Farm!

We have spent the last 3 years of my Best Beloveds working life living in Haarlem in the Netherlands. We were encouraged to return to New Zealand earlier than we had planned due to some rather outdated laws regarding retirement age in the company Best Beloved worked for.

So we are now a retired couple in our mid to late 60’s living on 9004 square metres or about 2.5 acres of rather steep and quite windy country in the lovely Miranda.

Our daughter lives next door and our son lives in Switzerland.

Our daughter’s partner started calling us the fuddy duddies so we decided to call our website fuddyfarm to get back at them (him).

When they moved in next door they cheekily added a mobility sign to our garage door – a hint that they consider our wee truck – a Suzuki Jimny a wheel chair so along with the name fuddyduddy we thought – hmmm. Just a bit cheeky.

We have time to get back at them for this.

Much time.

Meantime we are developing a large garden and orchard with the assistance of a number of mighty hens who carry out their egg laying duties well and help us by providing chick poo for the compost and eating slugs and snails and other bug and provide us with many laughs along the way.

The website should record our busy lives and our gentle ageing process.

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