I am running out of containers

And it is a bit of a bother.

It seems as though I have been cooking for days on end – courgettes, tomatoes, peaches, apples and more. I have dried tomatoes and figs, stewed fruit, and I’ve even made Blackboy peach jam. Why would I do that? We don’t even eat jam, well, not very often. I have even pickled peaches which we haven’t tried yet and we have given away lots and lots of fruit and vegetables.

But there are only so many people who will wish to take away a bag of cucumbers. Again I mean. After I asked would they like a few cucumbers and the answer was yes, and I gave them a few, maybe a dozen or so. Next time the eyes glazed over when I offered cucumbers. I just didn’t have the strategy right, give a few and they will take more next time, now that would have been sensible wouldn’t it. Maybe I’ll do that next year, or maybe our Audrey (the cucumber vine which has delivered 250 plus cucumbers), will not reappear in our garden next spring.

IMG-20160318-WA0000Black Boy Peaches

But the biggest bother of all is containers, or lack there of, and of course the fact that I have still more cucumbers, figs, apples and peaches etc to process in one way or another.

My friends know that I have always shouted from the roof tops to anyone with half an ear listening that I simply don’t do desserts. My family has had to eat fresh fruit for dessert except on those rare occasions where a dessert really is required – maybe at Christmas or on a birthday or if we are entertaining.

But now – you guessed it. I will now have to be a creator of desserts. I have stewed apples and peaches and I must use them. I must. I must. I must.

So we have a freezer full of soups, sauces and stewed fruits. Cupboards with dried tomatoes and figs, a couple of jars of the pickled peaches and pots of jam.

And it is what we wanted when we came here to Miranda.

Yes it was.

Yes it really was.

I just didn’t realise how many containers I could need.

To stop us from slip sliding down the bank when trying to go up

Did I say slip sliding – well yes we have been walking, semi climbing or slip sliding our way up this rather steepish bank with some difficulty for over 3 years now. If there was any dampness present on the bank then yes one slip slides unceremoniously back down.

It has been good for our buttock muscles, but really we didn’t feel the need to develop those muscles except to negotiate this bank. And of course with our rapidly it seems, advancing age, the thought of coming down really hard and causing a breakage in the old bones is something we wish to avoid at all costs.

We have always known to go the long way round for safety but sometimes you just had to climb the bank as it is the most direct and therefore the shortest route from back door to the compost bins and such parts of the garden that are of special interest at any time such as the cape gooseberry bed or right now the very laden Black Boy peach.

At present coming down is along a grassy path but that will become a shell path and is wide and very suitable for us with the wheelbarrow.

beginning steps

Our garden steps under construction. The first two of six risers. Each one is half of a macrocarpa railway sleeper.

15th Martch 2015

All six garden steps are now in place. The treads are 360 mm deep, formed by ramming earth behind each timber riser. Now Best Beloved has to retain the earth at the edges of each step, then lay weed mat and top the steps off with crushed seashells.

steps in garden

And then we need to complete the paths inside the garden so we can manage gardening during our colder wetter months.

It really is becoming the garden we envisaged.