Happy Brown Shaver – One of our egg laying machines

happy Brown Shaver

It has to be the good life for an egg laying machine. We have 4 Brown Shaver hens, all happily ensconced in our chicken run at night but with full access to free range all over our wee lifestyle block during the day.

What can one do when the picture is perfect – chase the hens or leave the hens. We have decided to let the hens be and simply fence anything we wish them to avoid. So we are in the process of fencing all of our vegetable garden away from the chickens and rabbits and we hope possums.

For a time we also had temporary fencing to keep the chickens from the garden around the deck but as you can see in the photo it has become redundant and futile. Anything that survives the chickens has every right to be there including the weeds. I am no longer aiming to keep this area weed, bug and chicken free. The good and bad bugs can protect themselves from the mighty hunters, my chickens.

We call these chickens our egg laying machines because this breed – the Brown Shaver will lay an egg very nearly every day unless it is moulting. We would love eggs every day and we are making certain their lives under our care will also be carefree and happy and to date the egg predictions are fairly accurate.

written and posted on the 6th March 2015