what is it about the birds!

We love the birds,005

We love that the birds love our garden.

Sort of that is.

Tuis love the flax.

Sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds and others love the strawberries and all other berries.

Chickens love whatever we share with them.

Wax Eyes love the flax flowers and the figs.

All the birds love our fruit.

BUT we have discovered an olive thief.

We have been watching our olive trees – we have 8 trees now, we have been watching the fruit grow.

This year all but one of the trees looked like they would provide us with an abundance. An abundance only because we have not yet had a harvest so any olives at all would be an abundance. Our trees are between 2 and 4 years old.

Suddenly all the fruit we had been watching grow has gone.

Oddly I thought, We have had many peacocks in the paddocks and orchard recently.

There has been an abundance of peacock droppings near our olive trees.

I did make the suggestion that maybe they like the olives.

Of course not said Best Beloved.

Well he was wrong, so wrong.

Bless his heart he even admitted it.

He and grandson watched some peacocks gathering olives from some larger trees across the road from the school bus stop.

Yes you guessed it – peacocks jump up and pick olives.

Now there is a new plan.

A plan to frighten away peacocks

So that we can have an olive harvest next year.

albino peacock and  friends