what is it about the birds!

We love the birds,005

We love that the birds love our garden.

Sort of that is.

Tuis love the flax.

Sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds and others love the strawberries and all other berries.

Chickens love whatever we share with them.

Wax Eyes love the flax flowers and the figs.

All the birds love our fruit.

BUT we have discovered an olive thief.

We have been watching our olive trees – we have 8 trees now, we have been watching the fruit grow.

This year all but one of the trees looked like they would provide us with an abundance. An abundance only because we have not yet had a harvest so any olives at all would be an abundance. Our trees are between 2 and 4 years old.

Suddenly all the fruit we had been watching grow has gone.

Oddly I thought, We have had many peacocks in the paddocks and orchard recently.

There has been an abundance of peacock droppings near our olive trees.

I did make the suggestion that maybe they like the olives.

Of course not said Best Beloved.

Well he was wrong, so wrong.

Bless his heart he even admitted it.

He and grandson watched some peacocks gathering olives from some larger trees across the road from the school bus stop.

Yes you guessed it – peacocks jump up and pick olives.

Now there is a new plan.

A plan to frighten away peacocks

So that we can have an olive harvest next year.

albino peacock and  friends

Whirly things save a strawberry for us

whirly thing

We have added whirly things and a scarecrow but the birds are still beating us to the strawberries. But I did find this one and it is a very big one. It was nestled under the whirly thing so the birds didn’t find it.

our 2nd strawberry

and it is bigger than the first.

We are puzzled by the birds this year – they are even eating our unripe loquats so much so that we haven’t had a single one ourselves – why in spring would the birds be eating unripe fruit?

loquat eaten by birds

We don’t think there are any more birds than usual in our garden in spring. So why are they resorting to eating our unripe or nearly ripe fruit? It is the same with the strawberries many are unripe or not completely ripe and birds are eating them.

We are organising hanging things to be positioned over our strawberries to ward off the evil birds that are eating our fruit.

Fruits of our Labour

This morning our fruit bowl included
oranges – from the supermarket
lemon from a broken branch on one of our Meyer lemon trees
strawberries from our garden
Mountain pawpaw from our tree in our garden
loquats from our kaitaia Gold loquat tree
peaches from our peach tree

We planted all these fruit trees and strawberries in our garden over the last three years. This is the first year we have had peaches from this tree and we haven’t yet had any fruit from our own orange trees. But it is looking good for the future. We should have fruit of some kind in every month of the year.

Well that is the plan

Will keep you posted

First delicious eggs and a strawberry

The very first eggs from our new brown shaver hens and our first strawberry.

I bought a red bucket with some strawberry plants already planted a couple of weeks ago at the Pokeno Market – much to Best Beloveds horror – he thought they would not produce any berries at all and I should really wait till we have a garden. It is something I have ignored for many years – waiting till ….. cause my experience tells me that I will wait a long time.

The red bucket was quite fitting given that I wanted red strawberries and just maybe the birds wouldn’t see the berries because of the red bucket. It remains to be seen if that strategy works.

It was a bit the same with the hens – I ordered them so that we would have to organise the chicken housing – which we did pronto.

So now we have chickens, daily eggs, compost makers, poo producers, bug cleaner uppers, snail and slug eaters – what could be better. Oh and we have had a strawberry – which tasted delicious even though it did look a bit weird.