You too could carpet your garden paths

Yes we know it is not usual BUT

We have found in the winter that our paths are not very suitable for people of our very nearly advanced age and so we have been considering just what to do to make our garden safely accessible all year round.

A friend had a big roll of old floral axminster carpet in her garage and she very generously offered it to us and of course we said yes please. We had already been using carpet pieces around most of our newly planted trees outside of our fully fenced vegetable garden. This was done to stop our free range chickens from digging up the young trees and for some reason we had positioned the carpet with its woven backing side up. Maybe it was because the carpet was a very unattractive beige.

There is such a lot of carpet in this roll so we decided to use it for our paths inside the vegetable garden and you guessed it, because it is a floral carpet we positioned it floral side up. Wouldn’t you have done that as well?

Yeah we know it’s a bit daft but a floral path inside a vegetable garden is just a bit special don’t you think?

axminster carpet in garden

Sadly we will cover it with some sort of mulch later. When the mulch breaks down it will be added to the garden beds and replaced as need be.

In the meantime I shall enjoy strolling on my floral path as I work in our vegetable garden.

Strolling on weed mat would not be nearly as enticing, would it?